Where to buy luxury Abaya in dubai?

Are you in search of a modest and fashionable clothing store in Dubai? You only need to look at the abaya! With this trendy choice, you can stay current and fashionable. Learn about the abaya, the most important piece of outerwear for women in Dubai and most of the Middle East. Find a variety of fashionable modest clothing alternatives for ladies, featuring the newest hues and styles. Shop now and confidently display your own style. Find the ideal abaya to complement your hijab style online and enjoy doorstep delivery with the utmost ease. With our professional advice, explore our amazing selection of abayas for the best places to buy in Dubai.

Importance of Abaya

The Arab world has a long history of Muslim women donning the traditional abaya for generations. The garment being referred to is a full-length, flowing gown that provides complete coverage from head to toe. It is greatly appreciated in many cultures as a way to uphold cultural values and modesty.

The evolution of the abaya has been remarkable, with modern designs that are both versatile and fashion-forward. The abaya has seen a stylish makeover in recent years as a result of multiple designers and fashion companies putting their own unique takes on this ancient garment. These contemporary abayas appeal to ladies who want a modest dress code without losing elegance, with creative materials and striking prints and styles.

By the way, you can purchase one in a number of locations if you’d like to give it a try. Abayas come in a variety of pricing ranges based on the design and material of the clothing. Abayas are frequently offered for sale at department stores, online sellers, and specialist shops. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or trendy abaya, we’ve uncovered the top 5 locations in the Middle East to buy one.

  1. Hanayen

Fashion should always suit a woman’s individual style, and Hanayen is dedicated to making you feel beautiful and fashionable. To make sure you look your best, the sales personnel and designers collaborate with you. Hanayen has a good selection of gashwas, sheilas, and abayas. This store sells abayas in a variety of patterns and colors, including the well-liked Swarovski-encrusted abaya dress.

Address: Hanayen, multiple branches in the UAE and Oman

Phone: 04 284 3666

Website: hanayen.com

2.Deem Designs

Deem Design, which is situated in Business Bay, is the go-to place in Dubai for ladies seeking an abaya dress. Deem gives you the chance to find a one-stop shop for all of your abaya needs, offering both distinctive premium designs and reasonably priced options that make the journey worthwhile. The handcrafted, exquisitely embroidered, traditionally designed goods have an Emirati flair. Their in-house tailors may custom-manufacture a new abaya dress or make adjustments to an existing one to suit your preferences, tastes, and style.

Address: Al Batha Tower,Business Bay, Dubai

Phone: +971 52 650 7020

Website: deemdesign369.com

  1. Abaya Mall

Abaya Mall provides a large selection of reasonably priced, high-quality Abaya shopping options. This mall, which is open for business and is situated in Mirdif, offers a broad selection of abaya dress merchants, both big and small. The shopping center also has other retail stores and bridal gowns. There are many options available at Abaya Mall. At Abaya Mall, you may discover the newest styles created by skilled tailors. You can discover what you’re looking for here, whether you like subtle styles or bold colors.

Address: Abaya Mall, 24 B St., Mirdif, Dubai (next to Star International School)

Phone: 04-251-4071

WebSite: abayamall.com

  1. Al Motahajiba

When it comes to abayas, Al Motahajiba’s is the place to go. This store has multiple locations around the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ten of its 36 branches are in the United Arab Emirates, and they are spread around the Middle East. They offer a huge selection of patterns to fit your preferences and tastes. Customers heartily suggest this store for its stylish casual abayas for everyday wear as well as its formal abaya dresses for important occasions.

Address: Al Motahajiba, with multiple locations throughout the region

Phone: 04 2840046

Website: almotahajiba.com

5. Dar Al Kashkha

Kaskha provides classic design elements that emphasize quality and beauty. They provide a range of styles, so you may pick one that complements your lifestyle, personality, and body type. Genuine, Arab-inspired designs and premium fabrics are used by Dar Al Kashkha to produce the timeless looks that women have adored for decades. Every article of apparel manufactured by Kashkha is handmade with exquisite decorations, stitching, and hand-crafted embroidery, making each one unique.

Address: Dar al-Kashkha; multiple Middle Eastern branches

Phone: 04 284 0440

Website: kashkha.com

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